How to change your passport in the UK

Tinder and Indian passport renewal are among the best ways to get a new passport in India, according to a new survey.

Tinder is a mobile app that lets users send and receive messages without having to go to a physical office.

Indian passport renewal is a process that requires a mobile phone number and will require a credit card.

For the survey, researchers from the International Council for the Study of Migration (ICSIM) found that around 90% of people who used the apps said they did so to avoid the hassle of using an official travel document.

It found that 76% of the respondents said they used the app to get the passport renewal stamp.

“People are more likely to use Tinder to get passports than to renew passports,” said ICSIM director Sharmila Gupta.

The poll also found that more than a third of people in India said they would use the app if they had a new travel document to replace a passport that had expired.

There are currently around 4 million Indians on Tinder, the company said.

Some people said they had previously been using official travel documents, such as a British passport, but felt they had no option other than Tinder.

An Indian woman, who asked not to be named, said: “If you’re an Indian, it’s really nice that there’s a platform that allows people to find each other and have a little bit of love and bonding, especially if you have a passport.”