When to renew your passport?

It’s important to know when to renew the passports of people who have been overseas for less than a year, as they are likely to be unable to apply for a new passport and cannot be considered eligible to travel to Australia.

However, the government says the policy is in place to ensure passport holders can continue travelling and that people travelling overseas to study or work should not be denied access.

“Passports issued after June 6, 2019 are valid for 6 months and are valid from April 1 to June 30,” the department says on its website.

“However, there are exceptions to this rule, for example if an applicant is currently overseas and a passport is issued by a foreign government.”

A passport issued before June 6 is valid for 4 months and is valid from March 1 to April 30.””

If you do not have a valid passport, you can apply for one at any time.

This is the same process as applying for a permanent visa.

“The Department of Immigration and Border Protection says a person who has not been abroad for less then 6 months is still entitled to apply, even if they have been away for less.

But it says a passport issued after May 31 is not valid for 12 months.”

The same process applies to an applicant who has been overseas and has been granted a visa,” the statement says.”

If the applicant has been abroad in the 12 months prior to the issuance of the passport, they are no longer entitled to the passport.

“In addition, any existing passport issued by another government can be renewed without any additional fees, provided it is issued on or before the date of the issuance.”‘

Not worth it’ to be overseas for too longThere are a number of people overseas who have not been able to apply because they have not renewed their passports.

For example, it is possible to apply to apply your passport if you are overseas but your family member has already received it.

If you are a family member, it may be possible to request a passport if your parent has been out of the country for less time than you.

If your parent or grandparent has been away and you are unable to renew their passport, contact your nearest immigration office.

“Your parent or relative may be eligible for a passport but they may not be able to access it until they have left Australia,” the immigration department says.

It says an overseas parent who has previously obtained a visa may also be eligible to apply.

“To apply for your parent’s passport, the person must apply to the Australian Government.”

You must provide the following documents:”The passport issued to you as an overseas resident.”

Any supporting documents such as an Australian driving licence or passport or passport renewal application.

“Other relevant documentation, such as a medical certificate, that shows that your parent is eligible to visit Australia.”

The department also says it encourages people to contact the department if they think they may be entitled to a passport.

“We would encourage people to ask their nearest immigration officers to check if they are entitled to get a passport,” it says.

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