Which passport holders are eligible to buy their first passport?

More than a dozen people were arrested on charges of drug trafficking, and some were found to have been on the country’s most dangerous streets.

Police said they seized more than a kilogram of cocaine, a small amount of marijuana and a large quantity of marijuana, which is illegal to possess in Canada.

“I have not seen such a large amount of drug activity on a single street in this city for over a year,” said Chief Constable Peter Fitzpatrick.

“We have been very clear with the international community that Canada will not tolerate any activity that leads to the trafficking of illegal drugs in our country.”

Authorities said some of the suspects were involved in the illegal drug trade and were arrested for their involvement.

In addition to drugs, police also seized a number of weapons including a rifle, a shotgun and a knife.

“These arrests are a wake-up call to those who might be contemplating a trip to the United States to obtain a passport and those who may be contemplating smuggling drugs into the country,” said Constable Fitzpatrick.

“These arrests demonstrate that the actions of the international criminal networks in this country are not just isolated to the border.

They are present in many other areas as well.”

The suspects in the latest arrests have been released on bail pending further investigation.

The RCMP said they have seized approximately $30,000 worth of marijuana.

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