Why is your passport a little more than an ID card?

The 2020 Honda Passport Agency in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, says it’s no longer a passport.

Its owners say the logo of the passport agency’s parent company, Sohnsport, was digitally altered to look like an iPhone.

The new passport agency logo, as seen in a photo posted by the Honda Passports Agency, is no longer visible on the agency’s website, according to a statement released Monday.

The Honda Passengers and Tours Association (HPTAA) says the change was made to make the passport more palatable to consumers.

HPTAA President Mark Mazzotti says the company believes it’s “wrong and offensive” for the agency to remove the badge from the passport.

He says the agency is considering a lawsuit.

Mazzotti says the changes will be corrected “immediately” and the new logo will be placed on the passport in the next few days.

Honda Pass, Honda Pass & Honda Motor Co., Inc., a unit of Honda Motor, Inc., is a division of Honda.

Honda and Sohnsonport both said in a statement that they are working to ensure the passport remains as a passport and that the agency has received a letter of apology from Honda.

The agency also posted a photo of the new license plate on its Facebook page and Twitter account.

The license plate is “not a reference to the Honda brand,” Honda said.

Honda is not the only vehicle manufacturer to remove its license plate logo.

Volkswagen said last month it removed its license number from its vehicles.

The automaker said the number is used to indicate that the vehicle is manufactured by Volkswagen AG.

Sohnsbach said Honda will replace the license plate with the new one that it expects will be issued next month.

“Honda Pass is a global, multi-purpose travel agency that provides unique and engaging experiences for passengers, travelers and business owners around the world,” Honda Pass said in its statement.

The statement says the new agency logo will replace one that was used to show the company’s logo.

The 2018 Honda Passes are expected to be issued in mid-May.

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