EU’s passport office in Poland gives ‘no answer’ to questions on passport application

The European Commission has issued a new travel warning about Poland, warning that “there is a high risk of passport fraud”.

A spokesperson for the European Commission in Brussels, Margrethe Vestager, said the Polish government’s refusal to cooperate with the commission’s passport application process “is a clear indication that they do not want to be part of the passport application and the decision to apply for the passport.”

She said that it was “extremely concerning” that the Polish parliament has chosen not to cooperate, and that “in many cases, the Polish authorities have refused to answer questions.”

The European Commission is the EU’s executive arm and has broad powers to regulate the 28-member bloc’s economy and the Schengen area of travel.

But there are currently concerns that the EU is failing to implement some of its own directives, including a European Court of Justice ruling in May that a ban on dual nationality was unconstitutional.

It is one of several EU countries that has been criticised for failing to follow its own regulations and, according to the US Treasury Department, has lost billions in revenue.

In the past, the EU has been accused of violating its treaties by failing to act on the migrant crisis, and its member states have also faced criticism for not taking action on the influx of refugees and migrants from war-torn Syria.

A new warning issued by the European passport office of Poland on Friday, which was based in the capital, Warsaw, comes after a series of high-profile incidents.

On Saturday, a man who had travelled to Europe from Syria was found to have faked his passport and paid for it with counterfeit money, leaving the European Union in the process.

He had been on the run for a year after he was convicted of the fraud in December last year, and was sentenced to two years in jail and two years’ probation.

He was arrested by Polish police on January 2 last year.

On Friday, a German newspaper reported that a German man, whose passport was allegedly forged, had paid a €300 (around $350) bribe to Polish officials in an attempt to get the passport.

The German police said the bribe had been arranged by a former employee of the Polish border police.

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