How to get a UK passport, but not all the way to China

The UK has become the latest country to impose travel restrictions on visitors, but how to get an official passport in the country remains unclear. 

The Government has set a new travel ban of six months on all travel to the UK, which will come into force on December 8. 

There is also an increased ban on all UK citizens from China, the Republic of Korea, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam. 

As of December 8, all EU citizens will be subject to the same restrictions. 

“This travel ban will impact a wide range of EU citizens,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

“It will also impact our Chinese friends who are looking for work and who have been seeking to enter the UK to take advantage of the benefits of the single market.” 

“The UK has been working closely with our EU partners and others in Europe to try and resolve the situation.

The Government is determined to tackle the issue in a fair and proportionate way and this ban is the first step.” 

In addition to the ban on Chinese citizens, the UK will not allow anyone from other EU member states to visit the country. 

According to the Government, it has set up an “enforcement team” to ensure there are no breaches of the ban. 

All the restrictions have been in place since June of last year, but the move is likely to be challenged in the High Court. 

A spokeswoman for the UK’s Foreign Office said: “The UK Government has worked closely with European partners in this matter, including the EU and the European Commission, to resolve the issue. 

It is important that the UK is able to conduct its business safely and effectively, and we have taken steps to ensure that the restrictions are proportionate to the threat posed by the threat of terrorism. 

While the UK Government’s enforcement team is currently engaged, it is possible that this issue will be resolved in the coming weeks.” 

According the Government there are currently more than 2.4 million UK nationals in China, with about 3,000 from China. 

This article originally appeared on Google News UK and was used with permission.

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