How to take a photo of your passport

You may have already taken a photo in the past, but it may not have been in a way that is good enough for you.

We’ve got you covered with our tips on how to take your passport photo without having to put your phone away.1.

Keep it clean.

When taking a photo, it is important to keep your hands clean, and avoid leaving fingerprints on your passport.

In order to keep fingerprints from coming back, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water every two to three minutes.2.

Avoid touching your passport’s surface.

Your fingers are your most powerful fingerprint sensor.

If you leave fingerprints on the back of your hand, you can easily be mistaken for someone else.

If your passport is too large to fit your hand comfortably, take a piece of paper and mark your palm with a small square of paper, then draw a small line through the paper to make sure your palm is covered.3.

Don’t put a photo on your phone.

A photo on a smartphone is almost never safe for your passport because it doesn’t have a protective cover on the bottom, so it’s not as easy to take the photo as if you took it from your phone itself.4.

Use your phone’s camera instead of your eyes.

If the photo isn’t good enough, you might want to consider using a different photo to make the photo even better.

To take a better photo, take your phone with your face on the screen.5.

If it’s dark, get help.

If someone takes a photo from behind you, try to keep an eye on the photo, not your hand.

If they’re not taking your photo, they can easily get away with it.

If a person does take a photograph from behind, try not to get too close.6.

Be careful of the sun.

It’s possible that the person taking the photo is looking at your hand or your face while you’re taking the photograph.

If that happens, you’re more likely to have a bad photo.7.

Take the photo with your phone and your face close together.

This is especially important when you’re in public.

If anyone can see your face, they could be taking a picture of you.

Make sure that you have your phone on the same side of your face as your phone, and don’t try to look at the photo from one angle while you take the photograph, which will cause your phone to get blurry.8.

Never take the picture with your hands at your sides.

That can cause your fingerprint to be hidden by your clothing, and you may also end up looking suspiciously like a thief.9.

Make it as clear as possible.

You should take a picture in a room with a white tablecloth.

You shouldn’t make it more complicated by using a mirror, which could hide your fingerprint.

Also, make sure that your fingers aren’t touching the tablecloth, because it could be possible that someone will be able to see your fingerprint from behind your hands.10.

Do not put the picture in the air.

When you take a passport photo, you shouldn’t be able the air and move your body or even touch your passport, which can leave fingerprints.11.

Take your passport at a distance of less than 20 centimeters.

If possible, take the passport at least 20 centimeters from the camera lens.

It may be a good idea to take it a bit further from the lens, if possible, to avoid having your fingerprints on it.12.

Put the picture on the ground.

If there’s a table nearby, place the picture against the table and let it hang there.

If not, place it against the ground, or use your phone camera to take photos of your photograph.13.

Always take a close-up photo of the photo on the passport.

When it’s on your computer, it may be easier to take an image with your eyes closed, rather than with your nose in front of your phone or your fingers against the screen of your smartphone.14.

If something happens to your passport while you are taking the picture, put the photo back.

If this happens, your passport could be stolen.15.

Keep the passport clean.

If everything is OK, take off your clothes and put them in the washing machine or the dryer.

You can put your passport back in the laundry basket, or if you don’t want to use the washing machines or dryers, put it in a plastic bag or baggie.

If you have any questions about the process of taking a passport photograph, you may contact the embassy of the country you’re from.

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