Passport renewal process can take as long as 3 weeks to be complete

Passports, like most other forms of identification, must be renewed every year.

This is a requirement that is also often overlooked in the passport renewal process, but it can take several weeks to renew a passport.

According to the American Association of Travel Agents, it takes three weeks to process a passport renewal.

That’s about the same time that the time between when you apply for a passport and when it is issued can take.

The process is different for individuals and companies, however.

Companies that do not have a U.S. branch can renew passports online or by mail, while individuals can only renew passports by mail or fax.

The passport renewal time is typically between three weeks and six months.

That could be because of the length of time required to get a renewal stamp.

The US Passport Service has also set out guidelines for renewing passports online, which can take anywhere from six weeks to a year.

Those guidelines can be found at this link:

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