UK ‘should ban’ the Emc passport

UK passports will soon be compulsory for all EU citizens and permanent residents, following a decision by the European Commission.

In a move that’s likely to cause concern among EU citizens, the EU is expected to announce a ban on the Emcc passport by 2020.

The Emcc, as it’s known, is a passport that lets EU citizens travel to other member states without needing a passport.

The passport is designed to help those who want to travel across Europe by giving them more flexibility in how they manage their personal information and passport applications.

The decision was expected after EU leaders decided to expand their migration quotas to tackle the continent’s surging numbers of asylum seekers and migrants.

But the European Parliament has said it is “not convinced that the Emcs’ use is compatible with the Common Travel Area,” a pact between the EU and Turkey that was signed in 2004. 

The Emc is “one of the most problematic aspects of the common travel area” according to the European Commissioner for Home Affairs, Cecilia Malmström, and the move could trigger further objections from EU member states, who have a common border with Turkey.

The Commission is also expected to propose changes to the way member states manage asylum applications and asylum requests.

The proposal will likely include a new system for the issuance of asylum visas to allow countries to better control their own asylum procedures.

“I would expect the Commission to move swiftly to ensure that all member states implement the proposal in accordance with EU law and regulations,” the EU’s border agency Frontex said in a statement.

“This will be done in accordance of EU directives and the rules of the Common External Borders Treaty, including the European Charter for Regional or Co-Ecosolidary Cooperation.”

In a statement, the Commission said that “the current system of visa issuance and issuance of applications for asylum does not comply with EU regulations, and therefore it is necessary to implement a new procedure in order to ensure a more efficient exchange of information between Member States.”

“The Commission proposes to amend the current visa system, with the aim of ensuring that asylum applications are more effectively and more easily processed,” the statement said.

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