What passport renewal applications can you do now?

The Australian Federal Police has announced it will launch a nationwide online portal to help people renew their passports online.

The AFP has launched the portal, which will allow people to submit passport renewals online, to help with the processing of new passport applications.

“We’re looking at all aspects of passport renewal, including passport renewal applications, and are keen to get the process right,” AFP Deputy Commissioner Mark Stewart said in a statement.

“Passport applications are an important tool in the AFP’s ongoing efforts to provide a high level of service and to support people and families during this very difficult time for the country.”

“We want to ensure people have the opportunity to submit their passport renewings online, so they can ensure they are able to enjoy the benefits of Australia’s immigration and citizenship system and the passport itself, without having to deal with any additional delays,” Mr Stewart said.

In November 2016, the AFP announced it would be conducting a pilot program that would allow people with valid Australian passports to submit passports online for renewal.

However, it is not yet known whether the program will be rolled out nationwide or whether people will need to go through the process again, as it is currently administered by the Australian Passport Service.

It is not clear if anyone will be charged for the use of the portal once it is online.

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