When I Was A Child, I Knew I Was An American Woman

I remember thinking, “I’m not an American.

I’m not even American.”

And I knew I wasn’t American because I knew that I was American.

When I was growing up in a middle-class, white neighborhood in San Francisco, California, my parents and I were all American.

My grandparents were.

I went to school in San Jose, California.

But I grew up in Oakland, California—not the wealthiest, most ethnically diverse city in America, but not far from where I grew to be a teenager.

I had no idea I was an American until I was a young teenager.

I knew that my identity was American even before I got my passport, I just knew it.

And that’s what’s so interesting about the United States.

You’ve got a whole lot of things that make us Americans.

The Constitution is the cornerstone of our democracy.

Our Constitution was designed by a man named James Madison.

He was a brilliant and brilliant thinker.

He wrote a Constitution that was basically an attempt to fix our country.

And he was the first one to say, “You can’t fix what’s not broken.”

And that was his principle.

And his principles have been so important to our country ever since.

But what he really said was, “We have to get rid of the old system.”

He was talking about the American System.

He’s talking about what we call the American Way.

He didn’t mean that we’re a nation of laws and checks and balances.

He said, “It’s not enough to have some kind of system.

You have to have a system that can be checked and balanced.”

And he was saying, “That’s the problem with this country.

We’re not getting the checks and bounds of a democratic republic.”

That was his idea of a republic.

It was a constitutional republic.

He never got it.

We don’t have the checks on government that we had under democracy.

We have a whole system of checks and balance, which is a much better system than the old one.

And what he meant by a democratic system is, “Let the people govern themselves.”

And the people are not just elected, they’re elected by the people.

The Constitution says, “All persons born or naturalized in the United State and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United

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