When Israel’s passport tracking system is hacked

Israel’s domestic passport tracking and surveillance system has been breached.

The Israel Passport Information and Protection System was hacked.

This news is not widely known and most people in Israel are unaware of the problem.

According to the Ministry of Defense (MDA), a cyber attack on the MDA’s system was reported on Thursday afternoon.

The attack came after the MDSC received a cyber threat, which was a combination of malicious code and spear phishing.

The MDA notified the Department of Justice and Israeli Ministry of Health of the incident.

MDA spokesperson Maj.-Gen. Gilad Shalit said that a few days ago, the MDF received an anonymous call that contained a code.

The code was similar to one used by the attackers in the recent attacks against the MDP’s office and the IDF.

The hackers also claimed that the MDC’s internal database contained sensitive information, such as information on the Israeli military’s internal network.

The ministry said the hackers sent the code to a third party, which it identified as the Israeli Ministry for Homeland Security.

The attackers also used an automated program to contact the MSDH.

“We received a call today from an unknown person, who is calling from the MNDH,” Shalit told The Jerusalem Times on Saturday.

“We are currently investigating the call.

We are working to get more information and get the MMDH to investigate the incident as well.

The caller also said that the Israeli ministry’s security has already detected the intrusions and has closed the call.”

Israel’s foreign ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The country’s National Security Council, which oversees foreign policy, also did not respond to request for information on this incident. 

The MDSCs own cybersecurity system, known as the Israel Passports Information System, is designed to protect the privacy of Israelis.

The system is supposed to be a combination national ID card and an electronic photo ID card that allows users to check the validity of their passports.

The Electronic Photo ID Card is supposed for Israeli citizens, but it is also issued to residents of the occupied territories.

Israel Passports Identification System in action Israel Passport Identification System security camera system in action

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