Why L.A. has no ID card for immigrants

The Los Angeles City Council has approved a bill that would make it illegal for anyone from outside the United States to apply for a L.C. driver’s license.

The council unanimously approved the bill last week.

The bill would make L.L.C., a state-issued identification card issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles, the primary form of identification for anyone who comes to the city.

It would not be accepted as a primary form for nonresidents.

It is not required for new residents.

City Attorney Michael Moro says the bill is needed because the L.O.

C is being used by people who want to come to L.D. to obtain identification documents.

It’s really about keeping people safe, he said.

We have seen many people who have been arrested and who have had their IDs taken away for their IDs, and we have seen these people re-engage in the criminal justice system.

Moro says that has a chilling effect on many people from the L,L.A., area who might otherwise be able to get into the city without having to show their L.R.

A or passport to prove their identity.

The law was passed after a federal judge found that it violated the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection of the laws.

The Council has been in regular contact with the attorney general and the governor on the matter.

City attorneys had been working to get the bill passed since the U