Why you should buy the new passport photo of the German passport (video)

The new passport picture of the Germans passport, released by the European Union (EU), has been criticised as a copycat of the original.

The photo is a copy of a photo from the passport of the former German president, Hermann Goering, and was taken in 1924.

The original photo of a German passport, dated 1934, is widely recognised as the first passport of its kind.

However, the photo is also used as a template for the European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, to design and build a new European passport.

This new passport, with its distinctive white border and white vertical stripe, is an updated copy of the old one, with the exception of the border and vertical stripe.

It was unveiled by the EU in Berlin last week, just days after the Brexit vote.

The new passport features a new border that has been created to accommodate the new EU border policy, which aims to prevent illegal border crossings.

The European Commission has been trying to ensure that the new border has a solid, durable structure, a passport that does not buckle under pressure.

It has also been working with other EU countries, including Germany, to secure the border.

The new border is a part of the EU-Turkey agreement, a treaty signed in July 2015.

But it is not the only one that has come under fire.

Some Germans have been unhappy about the use of the photo.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said she did not take it, and German authorities said they would not take the photo as part of an internal document.

Others have complained about the fact that the border is not visible at all on the photo, with only a thin, white border between it and the blue background of the European flag.

A German court has also ordered that the European passport be replaced with a different one, although it is unclear when that would happen.

The decision came after German newspaper Bild claimed that the EU was using the photo for its own purposes, which it claimed was an attempt to undermine the image of the bloc.

A European commission spokesperson told Reuters that the agency was committed to its goal of creating a passport with a strong border and borderless Schengen area and that it did not plan to use the photo to achieve any particular objective.

The spokesman said: “The European passport is a fundamental document for all member states and is an important tool for their cooperation in border management.

It must be used with utmost respect and must not be used for commercial purposes.”

The photo has been taken at the end of the 20th century, when the border between the two countries was very porous and difficult to cross.

The European Union has tightened its border control since the start of the 21st century.

The border between Germany and the Schenges, a zone of 28 states with 28 passport-free Schengens, is a border that runs through the Baltic Sea, the eastern Aegean Sea, and across Greece and Albania.

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