Fender passport office hundrethouston says it will no longer accept new passport applications from foreign nationals

The Fender Passport Office Houston has temporarily removed all of its passport applications and is asking all non-citizens to submit a new passport application for the city.

Fender says that since the first application was received, there have been 551 new applications, including 1,093 foreigners, which is a 4 percent increase over the same time last year.

The new applications have been submitted in the last week, and are expected to be processed by the end of the month.

If an application is approved, the application will be placed on a waiting list until the city has the necessary paperwork.

The department says that in order to comply with state law, it has agreed to not renew the passport of any foreigner who is not a citizen of Japan, a country of 8.3 million people.

I will be sending out a new order on the Fender’s passport, Fender president and CEO Mark Zuk said in a press release.

This is a huge step towards our commitment to the safety and security of all Houstonians, Zuk added.

Houstonians who are not Japanese nationals can still apply for a passport from the Fenders website, but are not able to change their name or photo.

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