How to check your passport to see if it’s been lost

We know it’s possible to lose your passport and it’s not a very easy thing to find out, so here are the steps you need to take.1.

Check your passport online and pay the $20 fee to a service provider that will send it to you.2.

Get a copy of the passport that you bought online.3.

Look it up online to see where it went and whether it’s still there.4.

Pay a $5 fee to the service provider and have them send you a replacement passport.5.

You can use a mobile app to check if your passport is still there, but it’s a bit harder to find a replacement.6.

You’ll need to get a copy for your passport tracking number to help with tracking the passport.7.

Once you’ve checked the tracking number, contact the service providers that sent your passport back to you, or your local post office, if it hasn’t been returned.8.

You may have to call the service companies to arrange a replacement, but if you do it’s worth the effort.9.

If your passport has been lost, contact your post office to find if the tracking information is correct.10.

If you’re looking for your replacement passport, use the online passport tracking service that was used to purchase your passport, such as this one that lets you track your passport by sending it to the post office.

Read more about passport loss and find out how to report a lost passport.

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