How to get a passport in Houston

HURRICANE HURRICANES are taking out a full-page ad in the Houston Chronicle with a photo of their passport.

The ad features the Houston-area address of a person who was issued a Houston-based passport under the Texas travel authorization program.

The ad says, “It’s easy to get your passport.

It’s easy now.”

The Houston-region area is home to a handful of passport issuers, including the state’s largest, the H-2B visa program, and the Southwest Airlines program, which helps companies locate their employees.

The state has not been issuing a large number of H-1B visas in recent years because of high unemployment.

H-2Bs are issued by the U.S. Department of Labor, and have a cap of 10,000 a year.

It is a temporary work permit for workers who have worked in the U, or at least in the United States, for at least six months.

They can be used for short-term travel or for the entire year.

They are issued for up to four years, and are supposed to be used only for employment, not for extended family visits or business visits.

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