New Zealand’s national park is going green

New Zealand has launched a national park renewal program that allows visitors to renew their national park passports on a rolling basis for the duration of their stay.

National Parks Minister Robyn-Ann Horne said the program would extend to all visitors, including those who have recently visited the park.

“This is a significant step forward for our national parks,” Ms Horne told Radio New Zealand.

“It will be a significant boost to the visitor experience in New Zealand.”

The new program will allow people to renew the national park visa for a maximum of 12 months, while tourists who have visited the national parks in the past year can stay for up to two years.

“New Zealanders have been asking for more flexibility for our tourism industries,” Ms Errington said.

“We are proud to welcome these changes into our national park system.”

New Zealand’s first national park, Mt Cook, is one of the world’s oldest.

The park is home to the world-famous Tasmanian Devil, which is believed to have been born on the site in 1682.

New Zealand was the first country to create national parks.

It was established in 1916, and in 1967 it became part of the United Nations.

The parks, and New Zealand, became part for the first time in 1990, when the country signed the United Kingdom’s Treaty of Waitangi, which allowed it to be part of a new United Nations peacekeeping mission.

Newspaper headlines have been highlighting the park’s green credentials.

The Herald-Sun’s headline reads: ‘Tasmania’s Tasmanian devil, a dinosaur, is coming to New Zealand’.

The Times reports that a Tasmanian Devils team from the Department of Conservation will be visiting New Zealand this year to celebrate its 150th birthday.

The New Zealand Herald has also highlighted its green credentials with the headline: “New Zealand is home of one of nature’s biggest and most exciting creatures.”

Newspapers around the world have also reported on the park, including the BBC World Service and the Independent.


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