What you need to know about passport renewals in the UK

The UK is not alone in its passport checks.

But if you’re a UK resident, it can be frustrating to find out you’ve failed to renew your passport, and you’re now at the mercy of a third party, who may not be in the best of shape.

Here are some key points to consider before taking on the UK passport renewal process: How long can you wait? 

While the UK has been known to allow up to 24 hours to complete passport renewings, this may be extended to as much as 72 hours.

There is no set time limit to renew, but you should not expect a letter in the mail within 72 hours of completing your passport renewal. 

Can I use my UK passport on the US? 

The US passport does not require a UK or US resident to apply for it.

If you’re already an US resident, you’ll be able to use your passport for up to five years after your UK or UK-based passport expires.

But there are no restrictions on using your US passport to enter the UK, including a requirement that you hold a valid US passport or travel document. 

What are the different options for renewing a UK passport? 

There are a number of options to renew a UK and UK-issued passport.

They vary in their requirements and length of time that it will be valid, but the options are often more convenient than travelling to the US for a passport renewal on your own. 

If you need help getting your passport renewed, here are some things you can do: To renew a passport you can visit a UK embassy or consulate to apply online, or you can call an authorised UK passport centre to apply on a short time-limited basis. 

To obtain your passport you must submit a letter from the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office stating the date you plan to renew. 

The letter must include the following information: Your full name, date of birth, and a photocopy of your passport. 

A photograph of the passport that you will use to travel. 

Whether you have a valid passport and travel document for your visit. 

Your passport number, passport date, and the date and time of your UK visit.

Your name and passport number will also be printed on the letter. 

For more information on renewing your passport in the US, visit the US Department of Homeland Security website. 

Are UK-related travel documents required? 

Yes, the UK requires all passport holders to provide an International Passport Application (IPA) in order to enter or remain in the country.

This application is then processed by the UK Border Agency. 

This applies to both British and US citizens and permanent residents, and can take up to 72 hours to process. 

You will need to bring the application along to your US visit, and this should include a photocopier of your IPUA, passport number and proof of address. 

How do I renew my UK or British-issued visa? 

If your visa has expired and you are not eligible to renew it, you can apply for a replacement. 

Apply online for a UK-specific visa, or by phone to the UK Department of Foreign and International Affairs. 

In the US application process, you must provide your passport number. 

There is no need to fill out an online application form if you are already a UK citizen or permanent resident. 

Please note that you must bring a photocareal of your letter from your home country, as this may require additional time to be processed by US Customs. 

When renewing the UK visa, you will need: A valid UK passport.

If the passport has expired, you may need to take the UK Government’s current form, but it will take a minimum of 72 hours for your application to be approved. 

An International Passports and Travel Documents (IPT) card.

This card is issued by the US State Department and requires you to provide the following details: The name and address of your current address, or, if you have one, the name and postal address of a relative, friend or other close family member in the United States who is currently in the British Isles. 

Proof of your full name and birth date. 

Evidence of your nationality and age. 

It is advisable that you provide any relevant documents to the border agents, including any letters of recommendation, your passport card, and any other evidence of your identity. 

Providing the above information may be required at the border if your application has already been approved.

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