What you need to know about the new Euro 2012 passports

For years, the Euro 2012 qualifiers have been seen as a test of the Eurovision Song Contest’s ability to keep the most up-to-date with the world.

In that sense, Eurovision 2012 was the first time that the songs that were to be broadcast live were actually chosen by the audience.

The song contest, however, was also the first competition in which the music of the world was not heard by the public.

This led to an increase in security concerns and also to a rise in the number of counterfeiting incidents.

Last year’s edition of the contest was held in the Austrian city of Vienna, but the contest’s winner, Portugal, did not participate due to a virus that was passed on from the European Union.

The next year, however it was confirmed that the winner would be Sweden, with the country also hosting the final on May 1.

Eurovision has been around since 1964, and the contest began in 1976 as a chance to showcase new musical talent, and was also popular with the public as a way to entertain.

In addition to the competition, Europia, a major sponsor of Eurovision, has also supported the event since its inception.

The organisation has provided funding for concerts and shows and even provided an extra stage in the arena to host the show.

The Eurovision 2016 competition, on the other hand, is more focused on the production of the music itself.

It will see a wider range of artists compete for a €1.2 billion ($1.7 billion) prize pool, but Europias goal is to bring a more diverse array of artists to the arena.

This year’s contest is the first to feature a host country’s national anthem, as well as a song from the host country.

It has also featured a song that is completely unknown to the world, a song by Portugal, which has never been heard before.

The new Eurovision song contest will be broadcast on the BBC World Service on Thursday, May 10 at 2:30pm GMT.

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