When will Chicago’s passport agency be ready to issue its new vaccine passport?

Chicago, Illinois, May 3, 2018.

In early 2019, Chicago’s first official vaccine passport will be issued.

Chicago’s new passport will feature the same design and layout as the current passport, but with the addition of an electronic chip that allows the issuer to digitally print and digitally sign a new, personalized passport.

Chicago has already issued over 2.5 million vaccine passports, with a total of nearly 1.5 billion vaccination records.

But a passport issued through the Chicago Passport Agency is the first step in bringing the new system to the city, and the city’s public health officials are hoping to be able to produce passports for all of Chicago within a year.

The city has also been trying to get the citywide passport system approved by the Federal Aviation Administration.

While the Chicago passport will include a chip that will enable the issuer of the new passport to digitally sign the new version, it will not include an electronic fingerprint reader or an ID badge.

Instead, the new Chicago Passports will feature an integrated chip with an embedded biometric reader, a unique fingerprint reader, and an ID-based biometric authentication system.

The new Chicago passport features the same layout as current passports, but the chip will be smaller and lighter.

The chip will have a size of about 2.2 inches by 2.3 inches.

It will include an optical image reader, allowing the reader to scan a document and identify the document as valid.

This will be the first chip-based passport for the Chicago City Passport Authority, which is led by the Mayor’s Office of Civilian Affairs and Technology (OCAT).

A similar biometric chip is being used for the U.S. Passport Office, which handles passports issued to individuals in the U, D.C., and Guam.

But the biometric chips used in these passports are larger and heavier than those used in Chicago’s new Passport.

The chips are about twice as wide as current passport sizes.

In addition, the biometrics chip in the Chicago passports will be a biometric that can only be used in the City of Chicago.

The biometric in the new Passports is also a biometric that is not compatible with any current or future federal or state biometric identification standards.

The Chicago Passgaps are expected to be ready in mid-2020.

The new passport system is expected to provide for two-year travel authorization for Chicago residents and business travelers.

The Passgap for tourists will be used only for those who have visited the U., D.D., Guam, and Puerto Rico in the past five years.

The passport will also be issued to U.K. residents and tourists who are temporarily residing in Chicago.

The Passport for U.N. and U.SEAN nationals will be available for travel to the U:The Passgopy for international students and other international visitors will be released in mid 2020.

The Chicago Passpass for international visitors is planned to be available in 2019.

The passport will allow for the issuance of passports for the following countries:China, Taiwan, Singapore, India, and Japan.

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